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Electric Radiators

Eskimo electric radiators are custom made to your specific requirements and can be supplied in virtually any size you specify. This allows you to tailor your radiator to fit anywhere. Whether that be your wall space, a spare corner or under a window. There is also a huge selection of finishes available. Our colours range form, patina brass or copper, polished gold or rusty steel. There’s sure to be an electric radiator to fit your space. Not only do these electric radiators add a unique look. Gordon does not waste energy as it hugely effective and efficient to operate. All electricity used is converted into heat. Eskimo electric radiators have spent years developing their electric heat exchange system to provide you with the most productive and beautiful electric radiator available.

wooden electric radiator

Why Gordon When Choosing an Electric Radiator?

The Gordon electric towel warmer is a revelation for anyone wanting to dry and warm their bathroom towels all year round. Using Eskimo’s highly efficient electric heat exchange technology the GORDON will fit neatly into any bathroom big or small. Measuring in at just 1000mm high and just 208mm wide. The Gordon sits seamlessly onto the wall and can handle up to 4 towels at a time. 

white gordon electric radiator being used in bathroom

When turned off, Gordon still holds it’s place as a feature in your bathroom. When turned on Gordon will have your towels warm and toasty in a flash. Combined with an electric timer switch Gordon is brilliant at having your towels warmed in time for your morning shower.  Just set the timer for an hour before you waken to enjoy the benefits! Gordon is so energy efficient you can even afford to leave him on all day and night during to cooler months.

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    10:44 AM, 5 January 2020

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