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Elegant & Energy-Efficient Heated Towel Rails

Eskimo is dedicated to product design and innovation that will warm your spaces without warming the planet. Our stunning vertical heated towel rails present the best in quality, design, and efficiency. Designed, engineered and made in the UK, our designer towel rails are made to turn up the heat, drying your towels in a flash!

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Heated Towel Rail


Beautifully Functional Designer Towel Rails

Sleek, practical, and kind to the environment, our innovative vertical heated towel rails are compact yet powerful, saving you energy and space at the same time. Made to warm and flash dry towels in a third of the time compared to traditional horizontal heated towel rails, Eskimo vertical heated towel rails utilise exceptionally low power consumption. 

Designed to embrace the way most of us hang or dry our towels, Eskimo towel rails feature vertical fins that provide a greater surface area to drape your towels over, helping to flash dry them in record time. Being made from aluminium with a high thermal conductivity and a low thermal mass leads to a very rapid warm-up time for a power-efficient and 100% recyclable product.

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Vertical Heated Towel Warmer 

gordon heated towel warmer
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Introducing Gordon

  1. Easily hang up to 4 towels on each Gordon 

  2. Suitable to install in all situations: new builds, renovations and retrofitting into existing bathrooms

  3. Dimensions: 1000mm(Height) x 208mm (Width) x 111mm (depth).

  4. Flash dry towels 3 times quicker than a traditional ladder rail

  5. Highly efficient, low power consumption and affordable running costs

  6. Space saving – half the size of a traditional towel ladder

  7. Perfect for humid climates to speed up the towel drying process

  8. Beautiful designer look for a low cost.  Choose from 4 individual colour options

  9. European designed and made to the highest quality standards

  10. Technically innovative flash drying technology

  11. Simple construction – not liquid filled like a normal towel rail- no leaks, no corrosion

  12. Special anti-slip coating on Gordon has a high friction coefficient meaning that towels stay where you put them

  13. Gordons aluminium construction means it is 100% recyclable

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We are a group of creative designers based with roots in England. We work hard to provide cutting edge design, contemporary styles and state of the art engineering. Check out our latest news here.


We love creating beautiful products for your home. #lovemakingheat

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Have you heard of Gordon? He’s an innovative, vertical heated towel rail.

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