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Welcome to Eskimo Heat

Who is Eskimo Heat? Put simply, we engineer and manufacture both electric and hydronic radiators, as well as heated towel rails. 

However, this simple description doesn’t adequately convey our drive to deliver the best possible products for consumers. All our radiators and heated towel rails are custom built and manufactured in the United Kingdom using only the highest quality materials and workmanship. When you buy an Eskimo Heat product, you are guaranteed of quality that’s long-lasting, as well as incredible efficiency.

Aside from the quality, our radiators and towel rails are designed to look as good as they work. No longer hidden from view, our products will become a focal point in your home.

Art-piece or warming marvel? You be the judge!

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Electric and Hydronic Radiators

Eskimo Heat’s range of radiators will suit any style of home, including contemporary interiors that are so popular today. They’ll provide you with unparalleled warmth with incredible efficiency. You could almost call our products miserly, they use so little energy. 

At the same time, our radiators look magnificent. So good they’ll become a designer-piece in your home that you’ll show off to friends and family with pride. 

Please browse Eskimo’s featured ranges of electric and hydronic radiators on our Collections page. You can also view featured products below. Many of our collection features our revolutionary Hinge & Bracket that hide the valves, making our already inspiring radiators even more impressive. 

Heated Towel Warmer

Like our radiators, the Gordon Heated Towel Rail is designed to perform better and look better than any other competitor on the market.

It also looks completely different. For a start, it features a vertical rather than a horizontal design. And instead of rails, it features fins. This provides hanging space for four large towels, incredible efficiency and fast drying of your towels. In fact, so fast that we call it flash drying!

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Eskimo Heat’s collection of beautiful radiators are custom made for your specific needs. With every job being unique, the pride we take in our products and our craftmanship is allowed to shine, resulting in the best contemporary designer radiators on the market.



Eskimo Heat is a group of creative designers based with roots in England.. We work hard to provide cutting edge design, contemporary styles and state of the art engineering. 

Have you heard of Gordon? He’s an innovative, vertical heated towel rail.

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