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Stay home and plan your next renovation project.

It’s time to consider a reno and spice up that space

As we start to bunker down for the winter, it is a perfect time to begin reflecting on things other than sunsets, wine and barbecue (although in a perfect world, a lil vino is always an essential) and focus our attention on our home redesign aspirations for 2020 and beyond.

In the apparently chilly, insane world that we as a whole occupy at the present time, everybody is attempting to make their optimal ‘safe’ space, and all things considered home improvements are now able to be considered.. The time at home and need for comfort hits hardest as the temperatures begin to fall and that is the place ESKIMO truly makes our mark!

Keeping you beautifully warm

With an array of flexible assortments of styles and options to browse, Eskimo has got you warm and cosy whatever interior design style you have in mind . In this way, in the event that you are hoping to simply redesign your bathroom, or completely reconfigure your overall space into an open-plan oasis of quiet, you will be spoilt for choice and the options to select from.  With Eskimo the range of finishes, sizes and styles can seem endless but truly there is an option for any interior.

As the population become progressively more naturally focused, it has become certain that we should be increasingly mindful with our natural assets and sources of fuel, and here at Eskimo HQ, we are universally inclined toward this mindset and in that capacity, every one of our items are on board with this philosophy with 2020 will likewise observe the proceeding with advancement of Eskimo Electric range – if you don’t mind watch this space!

Eskimo Classic

The RON as the primary section radiator planned nearly two decades ago, the circularly shaped radiator has built up itself as one of our record-breaking best sellers, that will never leave style. The RON’s peaceful certainty wonderfully crosses the boundaries of both ageless period and chic present day plan. Its capacity to rise above patterns lies in its ability to inspire recollections both of the old school building radiator and the smooth 1950’s airplane and airstream, the brilliant chameleon of past and present.

electric radiators hobart

The Showstoppers

Previously, you may never have thought that a radiator would be able to incite the dropping of your jaw in aesthetic enjoyment. Yet, as the name recommends, with these delights, everyone’s eyes will be bolted on the Showstoppers!

Precipice Barren Stone

Eskimo’s in vogue Outline Cliff radiators are a flawless common stone radiator assortment, that looks as though they have been detached directly from the clifftops of the rugged coastline.  What’s more, we are unquestionably not the only one in being admirers of rock! Rough scenes regularly bring out an incredible feeling that individuals feel profoundly associated with. Ancient Stone genuine stone facade is a lighter ‘Desert’ stone shading range. Primarily warm with traces of sandstone and rock development grays and tans. With the most stretched out potential variety and shading palette; this completion isn’t for the meek or mild.. Whatever you end up with will be brilliant, rugged and jaw dropping.

eskimo heats collection


Designed and made as a piece of genuinely original and useful ART. Working in collaboration with the imaginative genius of Mirrl, we made the magnum opus, ‘POP’, craftsmanship blended with six shading multi tar layered surface radiator. Mirrl gets its name from the delightful namesake of the surface method it utilizes, which has a particular natural pooling design and dazzling shading palettes. The Mirrl method is propelled by Japanese lacquerware from the island of Hokkaido.

gong 3

GONG Mighty Magmas

Any item whose name is summoned by the entrancing liquid pit that is the very center of our planet must be a searing beastly number and you don’t get more WOW factor than Eskimo’s OUTLINE Gong ‘Strong Magmas’. The hand patinated copper radiator, made by Eskimo related harks back to the artistry of Capisco – A genuine diamond of British mechanical inventive industry and world-class masters of patination of copper compounds, bronze, metal, and copper.

electric radiators adelaide


David is an assortment of lovely marble porcelain radiator/towel rails from Eskimo – delightfully circled with a metal edge, that supports two rails, for providing towel hanging space. Motivated by Michelangelo’s sixteenth Century Renaissance form, – DAVID truly is a bathrooms artful centrepiece. It’s not sculptured but rather with a ground-breaking warmth at 765 watts, there is in any event trust in a towel rail monolith where warmth yield both style and form.

esatuario towel rail lrg3

We love making heat

Feeling the HEAT from this assortment of Eskimo Products is common. Along these lines, whatever your arrangements for your redesign plans in 2020, you will be in safe warm hands with Eskimo and our industrious partners.

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