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Introducing Super Mirror


The Supermirror radiator. She gives a near-perfect reflection and perfect for bathrooms as she is Anti-mist, hard wearing and easily cleaned. What a relief? This is a unique, innovative radiator and with high heat outputs, ‘Supermirror’ is perfect for those early Winter mornings getting ready for work! Low water volume and diverter fitted as standard means rapid warm up and perfect for low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. Also available in electric versions. Additional warming towel rails can also be added to the radiators.

Hinge & Bracket can now be specified so that the mirror panel appears to “float” just off the wall with the radiator function fully disguised. Yet with a simple click to the bottom centre of the radiator, you have full access to your thermostatic controls. This will require the radiator front panel to be extended by 120mm .

Understanding that people and their interiors desire variety and often a need for something very different, the ‘Supermirror’ range is available in a wide range of sizes and formats from full length mirrors to big wide fat things. Bespoke sizes can be created to suit absolutely any space to the nearest mm.

They are gorgeously super high polished stainless steel. This gives a near perfect reflection giving it multi-function and opens up the room in which it exists, great for small spaces.

Not only that but they are hard wearing and easily cleaned AND, wait for it, they don’t fog up (anti-mist).  We can hear the sighs of relief.

Creating beauty from thin air

* Eskimo mirror simply reflects what looks at it, beauty cannot be created where no beauty is present. Eskimo will not accept liability for ugliness of user. Eskimo mirrors can encourage slimming as part of a calorie controlled diet.

If you choose an electric Outline radiator, whether it be in a RAL, brushed stainless, Supermirror, Brassy, Cliff, Woody, Rusty or Gong, each radiator will require one wireless receiver. This can be concealed within the wiring box on the wall. All available from Eskimo.

In addition you’ll then need to control your electric radiator via an analogue or digital room thermostat. Up to 17 radiators can be controlled with either. All available from Eskimo.

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