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Luxury bathroom essentials for 2022

There was once a time when all a bathroom needed to be considered luxurious was one of those triangular-shaped spa baths. Before that, hot and cold running water was practically a luxury. 

These days we expect a lot more from our bathrooms. It’s not just a matter of them being practical. They’ve got to be comfortable, private havens where we can retreat to cleanse and make ourselves beautiful. And they’ve got to look darn great at the same time!

How can you create a bathroom that will be practical, a haven and add a wow factor to your home? Eskimo Heat are the people behind the world’s best designer radiators and heated towel warmers and we know a thing or two about luxury. So here is our guide on luxury bathroom essentials for 2022.

Everything, including the bathroom sink!

  1. Back-lighting can turn an average bathroom into an alluring, almost magical space. This very popular trend can be used on mirrors, cabinets, shower niches, vanities and more. Use back-lighting to create mood more than for practical use. You’ll want brighter lights for doing things like applying make-up and shaving.
  2. Heated towel warmers are so common in bathroom renovations that they are almost becoming the norm rather than a luxury. But luxurious they none-the-less are! To make this luxury item even more special, don’t just consider the horizontal rail towel warmers that predominate. Take a look at Eskimo’s vertical warmer (see more below).
  3. We can’t have an article on luxury bathroom essentials without mentioning baths. There was a time when this once-bathroom-staple seemed to be going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger, but not anymore. With so many people wanting to create a relaxing haven, baths are back in a big way. But we’re not talking about triangular-shaped spa baths! We’re talking often freestanding baths that people can truly immerse themselves in to wash away the stress.
  4. One of the biggest luxury essentials in 2022 is not about what you include, but what you don’t. The concept of wet rooms can be either to make the whole bathroom open, with no shower screens, or to put the bath and shower behind a large walk-in shower screen. Either way, you’ll create a more open, spacious, light area.
  5. You can’t have a luxury bathroom with cheap, scratchy towels that barely wrap around you. So, when you’ve renovated or re-styled your bathroom to create a beautiful space, invest in some new towels. To ramp up the luxury, grab some larger towels that you can immerse yourself in on a cold morning. This does potentially create an issue with hanging space and drying, but we have a solution for that too (see below).
  6. Don’t forget the accessories. From soap dispensers to soap holders, and toilet cleaners to some potted greenery (another hot trend!).  Accessories can add a personal touch to another-wise bland or sterile environment.
  7. Hands up who loves walking on tiles on a cold morning? Chances are if you have your hand in the air you have underfloor heating, which is something to consider if you’re completely renovating your bathroom but otherwise not an option. A simple thing anyone can do, however, is to add a bath rug. These are design elements that can be matched with your curtains, towels and other accessories to complete the look you want. And they’re darn handy on cold mornings!
  8. It’s becoming a trend to float things in the bathroom, and we’re not talking about a rubber duck in the bath! Floating vanities and even floating toilets (i.e. wall hung toilets) are very popular and create a modern and sleek look in the bathroom.
large towels not a problem for our heated towel warmer

Large towels not a problem for our heated towel warmer

As we mentioned above, one luxury bathroom essential you need are large, quality towels that you can wrap yourself up in after your shower. However, most towel rails and heated towel warmers don’t have enough space for several large towels.

This isn’t an issue, however, for Eskimo’s Gordon Heated Towel Rail. While most towel warmers can only hold one or two smaller towels, let alone large towels, Gordon can hold up to four large towels. 

It can do this because the Gordon Heated Towel Warmer doesn’t have horizonal rails. It doesn’t even have vertical rails. It features four vertical fins that allow you to drape your towels rather than hang them. 

Capacity isn’t Gordon’s only secret weapon, however. It’s also super-efficient, which means it can heat up quicker and dry towels faster than traditional heated towel rails. It also uses very little electricity. 

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