Electric Towel Rail

A Beautiful, Efficient Electric Towel Rail

Designed to warm and flash dry towels. Challenging the conventional horizontal towel rail. Horizontal, folded towels, do not dry effectively. Our electric towel rail is designed to embrace the way that most of us already hang or dry our towels. Plus it’s space saving, so great for smaller bathrooms and showers.

Our Electric towel rail offers low power consumption, so you can leave it on all year round. On test, Eskimo’s innovative design dries towels in a third of the time compared to horizontal towel rails, used in the conventional way. Gordon is also made from Aluminium. So couple that with low running costs and you’ve got a power efficient product that is 100% recyclable. Aluminium has high thermal conductivity and a low thermal mass too. So this gives a very rapid warm up time. Your Gordon towel rail will reach operating temperature in 1/3rd of the time of a standard towel rail. Gordon – ash drying towel warmer. 

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Avaliable in three textured non slip colours; white, dark grey and black.

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Why Gordon?

The most advanced flash drying towel wamer.


The greatest working temperature has a point of confinement forced by what is sheltered and agreeable in a room where the client will in general be wearing pretty much nothing is cautiously high. The British and European Standards weren’t a lot of help here as they permit an extreme surface temperature of 95ºC – truly hazardous as we would see it and important that numerous items available work towards this breaking point. So as to protect things we received the Low Surface Temperature standard utilised in open structures, for example, medical clinics of max 43ºC for an electric towel hotter without a towel on. We set ourselves an utmost here of 56ºC – still a lot of lower than most radiator temperatures of c.60-80ºC.


This was the smart part – how would you advance the convection flows that will give a consistent progression of warm dry air over the towel. This is the place our two many years of experience planning elite radiators joined with best in class displaying systems come in. It’s basically all in the structure.


This is where the electric towel rails design breaks down completely. It doesn’t provide adequate airflow, but due to the horizontal nature of the towel hanging it also traps a pocket of wet air underneath the towel that, once it has become saturated it cannot absorb any more. Thus, preventing the towel from drying further in that area. Gordon electric towel rail uses long vertical fins, which provide free air galleries that will exhaust the humid air, replacing it with dry air from underneath the electric towel rail.

white heated towel rail with towel and transparent background



Test program 1

Consisted of heating the ladder rail with its recommended heating element of 350w. Gordon’s heating element was only 200w. The results showed that to reach atmospheric humidity level, at which point the towels were considered dry, Gordon required 84 minutes whilst the ladder rail required an additional 27 minutes. Because of the higher power consumption of the ladder rail this means that Gordon requires only 43% of the energy needed to dry the towel effectively. Over the course of a year running a Gordon instead of the less effective ladder rail could save you $$.




Test program 2

Consisted of heating the ladder rail with a heating element of 200w, this time designed to match the energy consumption of Gordon. Under this condition the ladder rail took nearly 3 times as long to dry the towel to the same level.

The results show that Gordon, despite taking up less than half the space of the ladder rail and looking 72.4 times better* was more than twice as effective at drying towels and should make substantial energy savings over its lifetime. Good for the customer, good for the environment and good for your towels. Good on you Gordon. 

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