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Bathroom renovations: 2022 guide to the must-haves in your new bathroom

While in essence the only must haves in the bathroom are a toilet, shower and vanity, these days most Australians expect much more from their bathrooms than this. We want bathrooms that are not only entirely functional, but also have the wow factor. From heated towel warmers to sensor operated taps, in this post we’ll look at what’s hot in the bathroom in 2022.

We’re spending more time in our bathrooms

Before we get into the list of must-haves, it’s worth highlighting there’s a good reason that most of us want a highly functional bathroom that looks great. It’s because we’re spending more time in the bathroom.

While once the bathroom was used simply to go to the toilet, shower and brush your teeth, in the 21st century we do much more. Practically, we’re also applying makeup, preening, pruning, plucking, shaving, drying, styling our hair and more. Importantly, we’re also relaxing in the bathroom. Whether it’s taking a bath, enjoying a long shower or binging a show on your phone while sitting on the toilet! 

According to a British study involving 2000 adults, the average person:

  • Will spend 416 days of their life in the bathroom. That’s over one year!
  • For men, the average time spent in the bathroom is 373 days or 23 minutes a day. 
  • For women, it’s 456 days or 29 minutes a day.

Is it any wonder today’s bathroom is so important!

10 must-haves in the bathroom in 2022 (including a heated towel warmer!)

  1. More and more bathrooms now have heated towel warmers and for good reason. In areas where it gets cold, a heated towel warmer will dry your towels in-between use and have it nice and warm when you get out of the shower. In areas where it gets humid, these clever items will dry your towels on even the most humid days.
  2. Touchless taps are a big trend in the bathroom. This is partly due to the focus on handwashing and hygiene over the past two years, but it’s also convenient and helps keep your tap clean.
  3. Do you find it cumbersome to adjust the flow and water temperature in the shower? There’s a solution for that. Install a smart shower mixer that allows you to set your preferred temperature and water flow with a touch of a button.
  4. Taps and shower mixers aren’t the only items in the bathroom that are getting a technology upgrade. Smart toilets, heated towel warmer timers, heated flooring and automatic exhaust fans are among the items becoming more common.
  5. With many of us being stuck inside more during COVID lockdowns, there’s a trend towards a more natural feel in the bathroom. This includes more items made from timber, such as vanities and shelving, and items that look like timber, such as timber-look tiles.
  6. While we’re fitting more into our bathrooms, most us still want a minimalist look. One way to achieve this is by using frameless shower screens. The lack of frames and wider expanses of glass means more light is reflected into your space, making it lighter and appear bigger. Another trend is to have a walk-in shower or no shower screens at all.
  7. Chrome items will always be popular, however, a must-have for many homeowners undertaking a bathroom renovation is to include items that are black, brushed metal or another colour. This can include your tapware, shower rails, towel rails, toilet roll holders and other items.
  8. Floating items, such as your toilet and vanity, is another must-have for many people. As well as accomplishing a modern look, floating makes it a lot easier to keep your bathroom clean.
  9. If you’re going to go to the expensive of renovating your bathroom, avoid metal caddies, soap dishes or items to hold your shampoos and soaps. Instead, include a shower niche. These not only look great and provide ample space, they are so much easier to keep clean.
  10. If you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, our last must-have is a bathroom mirror with integrated lighting. They not only provide the best lighting possible, they also look great!
10 must-haves in the bathroom in 2022 (including a heated towel warmer!)

Don’t set yourself up for ongoing, significant expenses

While you’re probably happy to spend a bit more to get the must-haves you want for your bathroom renovation, choosing items that are expensive to run is not cool. Particularly with our current cost of living issues.

So, when it comes to choosing a heated towel warmer for your bathroom renovation, buy a Gordon. Don’t let the Gordon’s fancy looks fool you, underneath it’s an incredibly smart item that reaches operating temperature three times quicker than most other models and dries towels in a fraction of the time.

This means that if you run your heated towel warmer with a timer, as we recommend, you can set it to come on and turn off when you choose. Research shows that around two to four hours of running time is all that’s required for most households, equating to daily running costs of around 15 to 30 cents.

What a clever, miserly Gordon!

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