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Having all our products manufactured in England, UK. We bring you the very best in design and quality.

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Our story

Eskimo – Beautiful designer radiators and towel rails – Created by a bunch of designers and engineers, at our Somerset studio – Made by our own skilled manufacturing team, at our Eskimo factory in Birmingham UK.

Eskimo was born and bred in London, in the Spring of 2001. So we’ve been around a bit. Founded by Phil Ward, he’s still about, the Company’s ethos remains – passionately dedicated to saving the world from the ugly, impractical and dysfunctional saboteurs of interior design. The old saying ‘quality, not quantity’ is relevant with us. We have got a small, but very talented and experienced team. This means that throughout the entire journey of your purchase, and beyond, you have our undivided attention (to detail).

A high-end brand that designs and makes the World’s best radiators and towel rails.
Leaders in the radiator product design sector – with robust engineering, inspiring & progressive designs, technical reliability, technical innovation, and intelligence.
Eskimo products are beautiful, functional interior pieces. The brand desired by all demographics.

Eskimo was founded by Phil Ward and Ed Dimmock in the spring of 2001.

Phil and Ed spent over a year designing, developing and testing their first product line, the Outline radiator range. Launched at 100% Design 2002, the flat fronted stainless and coloured, simple geometric shapes quickly became the favourite of architects and interior designers worldwide.

2003 Saw the development of the Towelclip. This cheeky, stationery inspired form garnered rave reviews in the style press and for many typified the early Eskimo approach – a leap away from the constraints of traditional radiator design while being both practical and beautiful.

2004 onwards saw the launch of the Ron range – perhaps the definitive radiator design of its era – a series of sleek ellipsoid aluminium extruded sections that convect heat beautifully; something of a classic, if we can say so ourselves? This was followed by Rocky – our contemporary take on the traditional airing cupboard. Throughout this period of rapid expansion our client base grew and with it our product list, necessitating distribution centres all over Europe.

2008 introduced Old Deer as a one off, purely decorative project for 100% Design which didn’t require so much of our technical design skills, but channelled our aesthetic sensibilities just the same. A contemporary take on the traditional decorative deer antlers, plated in silver to emphasise the precious nature of these incredible creations by Britain’s largest mammal.

Then came the shiny new addition to our sleek Outline radiator collection in 2010.

2010 Gave us the Supermirror, the high performance radiator with super high polished stainless steel finish, she gives a near-perfect reflection and perfect for bathrooms as she is Anti-mist, hard wearing and easily cleaned. Available in electric and hot water versions, as with all of our Outline radiators.

Eskimo continues to develop engaging, beautifully engineered products with a sense of humour, captivating design minded consumers and professionals within the industry alike.

2012 We saw the launch of the stunning hand patinated Gong and incredibly tactile Woody.

2013 We released the edgier, more industrial cousin from the Midlands, Rusty radiator along with the innovative hidden valve design Hinge & Bracket, that can be applied to any of our Outline radiators. Which includes Gong, Woody, Rusty, Supermirror and Outline in RAL colours.

2016 Brings our stunning natural stone range, Cliff and also our new incredibly efficient Electric technology.

Keep an eye on us this year, there will be goose bumps. Eskimo radiators are your only answer.

Present Day Eskimo Heat is very excited to be bringing in more innovative and energy efficient products that not only look amazing but will keep you warm throughout the cooler months.

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All of our innovative beautiful products are manufactured in England, UK.


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Our new radiator is not only beautiful but really puts out loads of heat. So, we’re both happy. Thanks again and we will be back soon!

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Our Process

Every Eskimo product is designed and manufactured in the UK. Our production setup is highly unusual in the modern manufacturing environment. Not only is it in the UK, something of a rarity in the 21st Century, but almost every part of the production process is done in house. We have the ability to machine, fabricate, finish assemble, test and warehouse all of our products under one roof. The qualitative difference that makes to any product design company cannot be understated, and is one of the core reasons for our success. It not only ensures the quality of the product, but allows us to be completely flexible with an ability to manufacture bespoke units that cannot be matched by any other radiator supplier in the world.

It also feeds back right into the design process. Concepts can be discussed with the people who will have to make them reality. Prototypes can be made within a matter of hours. The creative freedom that lends our designers is immense.

So when you buy an Eskimo product you can be sure that we know exactly what it’s been through to get to you. We could tell you the name of every person that’s had a hand in its creation.




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