Aspiration – what do we want from our products? Let’s be honest here – we don’t have a mission statement; we know what we like and we know what’s Eskimo, but trying to define that isn’t something we do every day, so here goes.

The underlying principle is – we want to be proud of what we design, make and sell. For our radiator products that means of course that we want you to look at Eskimo ranges and be blown away by their gorgeous simple elegant lines. But it has to be so much more than that. We want your installer (or you if you’re a handy sort) to find the job straightforward and well explained. We want you to be warmed by it throughout the coldest of winters, and smile at it in the summer sunshine. We want you to forget about it when you go on holiday, then fondly remember you own it when you come home. Most of all we would like to think that when you sell your house and move on, whoever moves in will feel the same about the radiators they inherit. For that, we believe, is the measure of good product design. It’s not fashion (and we’re not knocking fashion), it’s not art, but it is something that can be appreciated by anybody at any time, because it quite simply works, aesthetically and practically.

Of course the real trick is to do this without coming up with some personalityless piece of inoffensive sameness. Do we manage it? Only time will tell, and that’s what keeps us so excited by what we do.