Ottinetti Valves

After scouring the planet for the perfect valves to match Eskimo aesthetic and quality standards, Ottinetti shone out as the best valves available anywhere.

Eskimo can now provide options for both thermostatic and manual valves, available in a multitude of finishes specifically matched to Eskimos radiators. With many products held in stock at Eskimo, and special products available within 2 weeks direct from the factory, Eskimo can now offer valves that don’t let their radiators down for visual appeal.

Phil Ward of Eskimo states: “If you’re going to have an Eskimo, you want to be sure that the valves that are fitted with it will match the quality of the radiator itself – Eskimo’s partnership with Ottinetti will ensure that. With these valves being the only part of Eskimo’s product range not manufactured at our own factory in Birmingham, we needed to be certain that we chose a partner whose values mirrored our own. Ottinetti is a family run business where the owners take huge pride in their product and understand the importance of attention to design and finish details.”