Gong – electric or hydronic

The latest in a long line of firsts from Eskimo is Gong – beautiful patinated copper and brass finishes applied to Eskimo’s super-powerful radiators. As with all Eskimo products huge attention has gone into ensuring that the lines of the product are as clean and uncluttered as possible, allowing the stunning opulence of the finish to speak for itself.

With Hinge & Bracket now available, there is simply nothing more stunning. For hidden heating it’s better than underfloor too because it has proper temperature control.

If you choose an electric Outline radiator, whether it be in a RAL, brushed stainless, Supermirror, Woody, Brassy, Cliff, Rusty or Gong, each radiator will require one wireless receiver. This can be concealed within the wiring box on the wall.

In addition you’ll then need to control your electric radiator via an analogue or digital room thermostat. Up to 17 radiators can be controlled with either.

The patinations on Gong are applied by hand by highly skilled metalworkers Capisco, in London’s East End using a variety of hot working techniques and colour compounds depending on the finish required.

At the moment, due to the hand finishing, the leadtime is 8 weeks. We aim to reduce to 6 weeks as soon as is possible.

The choices are as follows:
1. Brassy Knoll
A patinated brass – granite grey base with sea green highlights.
2. Mighty Magmas
A patinated copper – an earthy pallet of burnt orange and rose tones.
3. Midnight Caller
A patinated brass – aggregate greys washed with a night sky blue.
4. Dusky Moodstress
A patinated brass – dark chocolate brown with warm golden hints.

NB: due to the hand finished nature of the patinas, EVERY Gong is different in tone and pattern each time.

Gongs are now included in our Outline price list and Part Numbers are as follows: